Become a Basic First Aider + First Aid diploma (2024)

As a Basic First Aid Provider, you support visitors or participants who become unwell at events.

Are you 18 years or older? Would you like to help at De Parade, the Utrecht Marathon or Dance Valley? You choose when and at which event you will take action as a Red Cross aid worker. Of course you will receive first aid training and learn everything about ether discipline. Check the vacancy and become a Basic First Aider at events.

You go to work at festivals, sports competitions or fairs (with a first aid certificate in your pocket). As a Basic First Aid Provider, you support visitors or participants who become unwell at events. From sticking plasters and treating abrasions to providing help with overheating. As a Red Cross aid worker, you decide how, where and when you help: during Remembrance Day, at Pinkpop or at the fair in your village.

What are you going to do? You:

- takes a first aid course and learns what to do in the most common accidents
- attends the refresher evenings where you practice skills you have learned during the course. This way your knowledge stays up to date and you always offer the right help
- works 32 hours a year as a care provider. A deployment to an event usually lasts 8 to 9 hours. You apply plasters, apply wound dressings or help with exhaustion or hypothermia. You always provide assistance together with other colleagues from the Red Cross. Are you still inexperienced? Then you will be linked to experienced forces


That depends on where you live. We are looking for helpers for locations in the Gooi and Utrecht districts: Amersfoort-Eemland, Baarn-Soest, Bunschoten-Spakenburg, De Bilt, Gooi en Vechtstreek, Lekstroom, Rhenen, Stichts Weidegebied, Veenendaal, Vijfheerenlanden, Zeist-Heuvelrug.

What are you bringing? You are:

- at least 18 years old and lives within the Gooi and Utrecht districts
- First aid certified for adults and children or you follow the first aid course that we reimburse (± 30 hours)
- socially skilled and stress-resistant. You work with people in need of help, reassure them and keep a cool head when helping victims
- physically able to perform first aid procedures. A beach body is not necessary, but you must be able to walk easily, work squatting or on your knees or support/lift a victim
- familiar with digital resources: you can work with the Red Cross application on your smartphone or computer
- available for at least 32 hours annually as a Basic First Aider

What do you get? You get:

- the first aid course and additional training on how to provide mental first aid and how to use the walkie-talkie. You can also access online courses through GoodHabitz
- skills with which you can help people (your dad is so happy that you can bandage his leg)
- fun volunteer work: the events are fun, the work is sometimes exciting and you experience an event behind the scenes
- collective insurance when you work for the Red Cross
- a travel allowance based on actual expenses incurred
- the Red Cross outfit for your deployment
- and finally, all the benefits of volunteering at the Red Cross:
– volunteer work that really suits you and gives you satisfaction
– great work experience on your CV
– a large network of the Red Cross community
– an ego boost! The Red Cross is a large and popular club. Worldwide too. Takes action in disasters and for emergency aid. Everyone thinks you're fantastic.

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Want to know more about this function? Please contact us. Deïdre Huising is the coordinator of First Aiders (EHVs) in the Utrecht region and can tell you all about it. Would you rather respond directly to the vacancy? Click on the 'I want to help' button below. Or register and send a motivation with CV via the vacancy on our website.

We only use your data for this specific application procedure. Your data is always sent and stored securely.

We hope to meet you soon!

First responder speaking

“Can I also go to the toilet here?” that is a frequently asked question at the first aid post. Every first responder recognizes this. People speak to us easily. We are a familiar image for people.

What I enjoy most is the action and commotion at an event. Also the collaboration with the team and with other care providers. We really do it together. It really is a 1 team, 1 task feeling. Especially in tough situations, it is very nice not to have to deal with it alone. The help ranges from sticking plasters to traumatic injuries for which we seek assistance from specialist help. Fortunately, we always have backup: from the Red Cross, the organization or emergency services.”

Marcel, first responder in the Gooi and Utrecht District

Become a Basic First Aider + First Aid diploma (2024)
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