Bianca Andreescu is Back and Ready to Rock (2024)

There is good news for Canadian tennis fans this week as Bianca Andreescu is ready to return to the court and she’s eager to remind everyone of what she’s capable of when fully healthy.

Nine months after her last competitive match, Andreescu has finally healed from a back injury sustained at the National Bank Open in Montreal. The Mississauga native is feeling physically and mentally ready to go, which comes as welcome news considering all the ailments that the 23-year-old has sustained in her still young career.

Speaking about the ups and downs she’s faced over the years as well as her enthusiasm to get back on court on a recent episode of Match Point Canada, Andreescu was blunt in her assessment of the challenges that have tested her resolve as she nears her return to action.

“Sadly, that’s kind of been my career thus far. I’m really hoping to change that. I’ve really been paying attention to my health in all aspects, so as of now I’m feeling really good and I’ll be ready to play Rabat. That’s very exciting for me. I’ve just been training basically the past three months, definitely the longest pre-season I’ve had.”

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On the positive side, Andreescu is still in her early twenties which might seem surprising given all that she’s been through. We are already approaching the fifth anniversary of her career-defining wins in her backyard in Toronto at Sobey’s Stadium as well as the first Major singles title by a Canadian at the US Open.

Her 2019 season was one of the best Canadian fans have ever seen, showing that Andreescu was among the best tennis players in the world.

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Extended periods away from the sport dealing with physical obstacles and to prioritize her mental health might have slowed her progress in tennis, but certainly not her resolve. Andreescu has high hopes for her latest comeback and her positivity is truly inspiring considering all that she has been through.

“With all the injuries, obviously that was very bad luck. But I like to say that the universe likes to test us in many ways. My main test of my life I guess is dealing with physical injuries and obviously my mental health too, but those all tie along together. But I don’t regret any of them, I’ve learned so much more about myself through the challenges I’ve faced more than the victories or the happy times so I feel that I’m in a really good place.”

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Since 2019, we’ve seen flashes of Andreescu’s immense talent, including a run to the finals of the Miami Open in 2021. Her ability and talent is still there, she just needs a good stretch of time staying healthy in order to return to that consistent level.

While some might lament missed opportunities, Andreescu chooses to look at the silver lining about missing some time away from competition that has allowed her to develop other hobbies and interests that most professional tennis players don’t have time for.

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“I feel like I’ve discovered a lot about myself. Maybe if I didn’t have this time off, I wouldn’t have found a passion for spirituality or martial arts, or even painting. I started to paint on my break so I’ve done a few different things and I think it all ties back to not having full identity of myself through the sport… Now I feel like having all of these tools also will help me in life but also on the court too because I won’t have so much tied in to the wins and the loses and I feel like it’s just going to keep getting better and better.”

Andreescu is returning at the WTA 250 event in Rabat, Morocco. She also has her sights set on the Paris Olympic Games later this summer as well as returning to the National Bank Open, where she has so many fond memories of winning in front of friends, family and thousands of supportive fans.

While it may take her a little while to shake off the rust after so many months away from the game, it seems like Andreescu has taken all the necessary steps to give herself the best chance of returning to the high level we know she is capable of.

If she can get her game back there, she’s aiming high in terms of what she can achieve: “I’m definitely hoping top one, let’s go for No. 1 baby, come on!”

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Feature Photo : Peter Power

Bianca Andreescu is Back and Ready to Rock (2024)
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