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Beautiful Kingfisher Cuddy 21’ has been restored to look like a new boat with upper and bottom paint, new diamond plate deck surface, new aft paint, New stickers and pin stripe, new 80 grit non slip surfaces, refitted in 2014 with 4 stroke 150 Honda and a Honda electric start/ tilt 9.9 kicker….also overheard rocket launcher pole holders and side mount net / dock pole holders.
It was a custom order featuring a 100 gal gas tank, 15gal water tank, alcohol stove, interior ice box,
The boat is unsinkable. As part of the custom build the boat was partitioned off and filled with foam below deck surface making it virtually unsinkable. Also custom was the real cabinets, extra depth dinette, additional handholds and extra tall welded in handrails..
Comes with stainless rail mount propane cook stove for a meal on the water.

Equipped with 2 20 Amp. plugs for shore power.….. Porta pottie forward w/ privacy in mind.
This boat is designed to take any weather and when it comes seek shelter in the water tight cabin. It can take waves oner the bow and with the deep V Hull walks thru anything no matter how big. I've had it in 8’ seas and it performed wonderfully

Plenty of power and moves out well to get to the destination. Equiped with Radar Sonar GPS

Plenty of room to move around behind the Alaskan Bulkhead and fishes three easily. Great crabbing boat as it stores 4 pots or more up front and another two in the back.

Comes with NEW in the bag life jackets, Anchor and lines. All new dock lines. Everything new. If it was used looking it got replaced new.

Comes with an EZ LOAD dual axel trailer.

The restoration which has been in progress over the last year is near complete.

All upholstery is in excellent condition with no rip/tears or fading .the captains seat is very comfortable and affords good views with glass 360 degrees.
Front hatch opens full or partial to bring in a nice breeze. Side window sliders front and back provide ample ventilation .

Front quarters make up into a nice bunk with 3” high density foam . Dinette breaks down and sleeps one.

The boat is loaded with more than ample storage with full depth Teak cabinets all in good working order.

Under the captains seat is a nice sized slow melt ice box.

The alcohol stove is on a gimble so it’s easy to keep a pot of coffee or tea going even under heavier seas. It can be throttled down or opened up to provide a flame plenty hot for making up a nice breakfast, can of soup at lunch.

The sink hand pump is supported by a fifteen gallon tank and is sanitary for drinking or simply just washing up.

The windows were designed with good viewing but mostly for heavy seas as they are tinted 1/4 “ tempered and locked in with full wrap lap and not vulnerable to be pushed in by a big rouge wave. All glass is in good shape with no cracks or blemishes.

The boat handles three plus the captain easily with two at the dinette and one standing with a nice grab bar over the access to the bow.

The Radar works great and is so sensitive you can actually see birds on the water. I’ve left the dock in zero visibility gone out and caught our limits and came back in to find the same guys sitting in hopes of the fog to lift ..,.

As part of the special build the headliner and sidewalls are covered with an indoor / outdoor to quiet the noise from the motor but the 150 being the quietest motor on the market is not really an issue anyway.

The boat comes with the snap on linkage to connect the 9.9 to the 150 so the captain can steer the little motor from the helm but as mentioned is has been used little as the 150 trolls down very nicely.

Being a 21’ the boat trailers and travels nicely but provides plenty of room for quests to move around in .

This same boat featured by Kingfisher sells for 160K but not built to be unsinkable as this one is…..

Someone will be getting a classic beautiful boat that will hold its value and move on to future fisherman as it is now

I am the second owner and my friend and neighbor passed it onto me a few years ago. I fished and crabbed on it with him for many years and as age caught up to him I jumped at the offer to become the next proud owner. Now the same is happening to me and it’s time to pass it along ……

In the restoration I left the bulkhead blank and ready for the next guy to rename as he wishes.

Feel free to call with inquiries

This is an amazing beautiful used boat the looks new and is excellent condition.

Boat will be launched for the first time and rides given to interested parties by appointment.

If your pondering a perfect size charter boat that trailers easily here it is.…..

Comes with everything.…scotty downriggers, Crab pot puller

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Boat for sale - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (2024)
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