Folding Tow Dolly Trailer - Haul Cars, Truck SUV's - Perfect Behind RV - trailers - by dealer - vehicle automotive... (2024)

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Phone: 864-305-6307

The affordable, practical solution & alternative to flat towing. Unload and load your car within 10 minutes.

Stow N Go Tow Dolly w/ Demco Hydraulic Surge Brakes
$2,250.00 (NO SALES TAX!)

Free Wheel Straps!

Your DTC retailer located in Greenville SC. Unlike the competition we don't sell to dealers. We sell directly to the consumer saving you $1,500.00 on this tow dolly compared to Kar Kaddy

Now available! Home Delivery. Tow Dolly Assembled & Ready To Use.

We offer free local pick up in Greenville SC. We are now offering home delivery within a 150 mile radius of Greenville SC at an affordable, reasonable price.

50 mile radius - $75.00
100 mile radius - $150.00
150 mile radius - $225.00
Evenings & weekends delivery available. Call today to reserve your spot

Beware of scammers on Google shopping using our photos, name and description of our tow dollies and offering a price that is too good to be true. This is an attempt for you to enter your credit card information into their website. You will never get the item and you will be lucky if you ever get the money back, also your sensitive information will be compromised. If you can't get anyone on the phone, then they are not a legitimate company.

We are located in Greenville SC. We offer free local pick up. Dolly will be assembled ready to tow away with 2 inch ball. To pick up or see this dolly you must make an appointment 2 business days in advance as we are in our busiest part of the season.

Call or Text anytime 8am-9pm Eastern.

Financing Available. 2024 Model. Stow N Go Black & Chrome Demco Hydraulic Surge Brakes

Will haul small cars, regular cars, trucks, SUV's & Vans. Will haul 99% of all vehicles.

All our dollies are 2024 models, and come with title (MSO) with federal DOT approved VIN number, and bill of sale to register and get license plate in any state.

● Striking chrome and black finish ensures this car tow dolly will look every bit as luxurious as it is.

● Lightweight frame is easy for one person to maneuver, set up, and store.

● Convenient trailer handle welded near the coupler makes attaching and detaching the car tow dolly a breeze.

● Tie town straps, winches, and safety chain come standard and are integrated with the car tow dolly design to maximize ease-of-use and user safety.

● Tubular steel and steel mesh construction for a high-strength, low-weight design so you can haul more per load without going over weight.

● Powder coated finish provides long-lasting high-quality appearance, damage-resistance, and durability.


● Overall Dimensions: 123”L x 102”W x 27 1⁄4”H
● Storage Dimensions 57"L x 102"W x 27 1⁄4”H
● Tire Pan Width: 79 1/2 in. maximum width - 43 3/4 in. minimum width
● Tow Capacity - 4900 lbs
● Empty Weight: 640lb
● Coupler: 2”
● Finish: Powder-Coated
● 6,500lb Lashing Winches
● 12,000lb Rated Tire Nets (Free straps included)
● Dual Safety Chain Set
● Heavy Duty Spindles & Cast Hubs w/ Easy Lube Hubs
● Sturdy Steel Fenders
● Tires: 14'' Heavy Duty
● Tire Size: ST205/75 D14
● Tire Pressure: 65 psi - Cold
● DOT Approved Lighting
● Pre- Wired Factory Wiring Harness
● LED Taillights
● Maintenance Free Teflon Pads for Easy Turning Pan

●Warranty: 1-yr Limited Warranty

Read what our customers are saying about our tow dollies & customer service.
I had an excellent experience with Dollies Direct, and I’d rate them 5 Stars, actually above 5 Stars. I bought a tow dolly from Danny & his team and it’s been good quality & perfect for my needs. I tow my Landcruiser’s with the dolly. Danny was very helpful. If you have any questions, they are always willing to assist. I am a satisfied customer, Love the folding design.

can't say enough about my new dolly ! I just completed a cross country round trip of over 5,000 miles over some terrible interstate roads and the dolly performed wonderfully. From AZ to Florida.

We purchased a galvanized stow n go tow dolly from Dollies Direct a few months back. I wanted to wait until I had "tested" it out before writing this review and I couldn't be happier. It was one of the few tow dollies that could fit our Sienna minivan. We towed the Sienna behind our RV for about 1,000 miles on our first round trip.

I was searching for a good car tow dolly so we could have our Prius with us once we RV to our destination. After searching for a while, I determined Dollies Direct was the right place to buy one. Before the sale, Danny was very helpful with answering questions via phone and text, as well as when I picked the dolly up.

Folding Tow Dolly Trailer - Haul Cars, Truck SUV's - Perfect Behind RV - trailers - by dealer - vehicle automotive... (2024)
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