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Yanmar Tractor Owners Group - RESOURCE Page

This page is actively updated frequently. The intent is to link in documents, photos and resources outside the GroupsIO network.

FILES, PHOTOS, DOCUMENTS and RESOURCES can be located at the following link:
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Tractor Forum - MANUALS - Compact
Due to the limited 1Gb of storage space on GroupsIO, the following BOXStorage site offers 10Gb of free storage.

HOW TO Technical Articles and Blogs to help with Yanmar repairs, fixes and upgrades.



Most listing here allow for local parts pickup.

1312 South Bethel Rd.
Decatur, AL 35603
PARTS HOTLINE - 256-751-3555
email -
Yanmar; YM / FX / F / Ke, John Deere / Kubota / Iseki / Mahindra / Others

320 Palmyra Rd
Dixon, IL 61021
PARTS HOTLINE - 815-284-3226
email -
On-Line Shopping -
Japanese and Domestic Tractor Parts for many makes and model brands

404 First Street North
Wiggins, MS 39577
PARTS HOTLINE - 866-742-5748 Toll Free
email -
On-Line Shopping -
New parts for Yanmar / John Deere / Others
Japan Tractor Salvage Yard
Engine overhaul/rebuild kits

3715 Highway 71
Coushatta, LA 71019
PARTS HOTLINE - 800-333-9143 Toll Free
email -
On-Line Shopping -
Japanese and Domestic Tractor Parts for many makes and model brands
Engine overhaul/rebuild kits

22 Fish Hatchery Rd
Shippensburg PA 17257
PARTS HOTLINE - 717-477-9332
On-Line Shopping -
Japanese and Domestic Tractor Parts for many makes and model brands

10 Ellefson Dr
De Soto, IA 50069
email -
PARTS HOTLINE - 866-609-1260 Toll Free
On-Line Shopping -
13 Locations for tractors and parts, 10 salvage yards, and 2 repair centers all in the Mid-West
Japanese and Domestic Tractor Parts for many makes and model brands

2099 US Hwy 287 E
Iowa Park, TX 76367
PARTS HOTLINE - 940-592-0181
Contact page -
On-Line Shopping -
Yanmar Parts / John Deere

Wengers Tractor
814 S College Street
Myerstown, PA 17067
PARTS HOTLINE - (717) 866-2135
Contact page -
On-Line Shopping -
John Deere parts only - Many compatible with Yanmar machines
See their listing of 50 COMPACT (YM) and 70 COMPACT (F & FX)
Extensive salvage parts with some warranty

In the market for a Yanmar tractor? These trusted resources can help.

UTDA are totally refurbished machines to a set of certified requirements.

110 Smithson Drive Hartselle, AL 35640
Yanmar YM/F/FX Tractors 256-751-3555

UTDA - Spalding Tractors & Equipment
4299 N Expressway
Hampton, GA 30228
Yanmar YM/F/FX Tractors 678-447-1802

UTDA - MEI Farm Equipment
952 Elbert Street
Elberton, GA 30635
Yanmar YM/F/FX Tractors 706-283-5998

UTDA - Elliott Farm Equipment
4911 Cleveland Hwy
Gainesville, GA 30506
Yanmar YM/F/FX Tractors 770-983-3533

UTDA - Stan's Equipment Center
1025 Main Street N
Pine City, MN 55063
Yanmar YM/F/FX and NEW Tractors 320-629-6193

Other refurbish importers around the USA

123 Main St
Kettle Falls, Washington 99141
Serving the greater Spokane, WA region
Phone: 509-738-2985
Debadged logo Yanmar YM/F/FX Tractors
Powertrain warranty

10310 N. Thorp HWY
Thorp, WA 98946
Debadged logo Yanmar YM/F/FX Tractors 509-964-2008

In the UK

RS Machinery UK
Unit 2
Progress Way
United Kingdom
Office: +44 (0) 172 774 3118
SKYPE: athmoss
Refurbished Yanmar YM Series

In FranceMT Creuse
Sarl MTCreuse
4 Linard
23500 Clairavaux
Office: 09 83 21 43 41 -or- 06 43 45 46 79
Refurbished Yanmar YM/F/FX/AF Series machines

In Greece

47th km National Road Athens
Lamia, Avlon, Attica 190 11, Greece
+30 22950 42258 or+30 22950 41140
( 47o χλμ. Ε.Ο. Αθηνών
Λαμίας, Avlona 190 11, Greece )
2nd location
4th km National Road
Thessaloniki-Katerini, Kalochori, Greece
+30 23100 51597
email Enea at
email direct at For parts For tractors
Parts for Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Hinomoto, Iseki, Kubota, Hitachi and Shibaura tractors.
Engine, Chassis, Transmission System, Hydraulic System, Rotovator (Tiller) and more.
Used and new tractor spare parts. Will reverse engineer and manufacture parts.
M - F 9am - 17pm (Athens, Greece)
Sat 9am - 15pm (Athens, Greece)
International sales to EU, USA, Canada, AU, and elsewhere. Members have positive results with the company. Ταγταλενίδης
EO Thessalonikis Kavalas 363
Stavroupoli 564 30, Greece
+30 2310 68.68.68
+30 2310 68.68.66
Refurbished Yanmar YM/F/FX/FV/AF/EF/KE/RS Series machines

In Czech Republic

KP maloktraktory
Dřísy č.p. 14
Praha – východ, 27714
Office: +420736455352
Refurbished Yanmar YM/F/FX Series machines
In Lithuania

Švenčionių r., Kurpių k., Lithuania
Office: +370 623 54809
Selected Choice Japan Yanmar YM/F/FX Series machines
* Pass road safety requirements, road plates and lights; Russia, Poland, Lithuania.


401 West 3rd Street
Winona, MN 55987
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm
Phone: 507-458-9713
Toll Free: 1-888-337-8999
Yanmar suitcase weights (black or green) OE spec. 41-lbs & 70-lbs
Tillage implements, parts and accessories
3PT Universal Dual Adapter as a DIY implement for pallet forks or ground rakes or ground busting or seed planter, etc.

3PT implements for total farming solutions
Sold mostly in box stores like TSC, Rural King, ASC, Farm & Fleet, etc

1602 Corporate Drive
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
Toll Free: 1-800-222-8183
ATV and UTV attachments most work with SCUT and CUT tractors too
Some box stores like Home Depot offer the products


Hello guysI'm a new member in this great group I have purchased a new tractor the AF-180 I will appreciate if you can help me find it's manual or any documents related to itKeep going

By Eddyadwan@...·#6458·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

Thanks Scotty! Just out of technical curiosity: How are the automatic thermostart cups filled? I did a quick inspection this morning:can't find any other venting opening in my tank, other than the

By Peter·#6457·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

There should be a little square headed plug in the bottom of the bellhousing that you can pull out to drain it or leave out to let water if anygets in there come out.As for the tank. I know my

By Nate vanLandingham·#6456·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

Admins, please tell me if it is ok to post so many pictures for this thread or if I should go lighter.

By Peter·#6455·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

Glad to hear that removal was easier than feared.I would use a random-orbit sander to clean the flywheel and pressure plate surfaces.Wally

By Wally Plumley·#6454·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

No totally clear on careful advice half way around the world. In the pictures it looks a bit worse than it is. Like I said, I believe there is some substance other than rust and abrasion in there,

By Peter·#6453·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

That's wonderful about the bolts. Sometimes the magic works. But no way would I recommend it to a job I haven't seen a half a world away.How was the old friction disk?? Old or newish?Without

By Scotty·#6452·

Re: 3810D For sale

It could just be the injector. First think I would do is swap injectors and check the valve lash. But you cannot swap injectors without an injector puller and new seals. Hoye used to rent the

By Scotty·#6451·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

Thanks Wally! The bolts came loose, clutch is off, see previous post. Some impact as you suggested, and a good tool did the trick. No heat and no penetrant, since I wanted to keep the option open as

By Peter·#6450·

Re: 3810D For sale

I wouldn't know how to diagnose that, I loosened the banjo bolts at the injectors and there is a clear difference in the middle cylinderYahoo Mail: Search, Organize, Conquer


Re: 3810D For sale

Possible turbo seal failure? If so, might not be a difficult fix.Wally

By Wally Plumley·#6448·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

That is a lot of water. I have read several comments about Yanmar tractors spending their life working in flooded rice paddies - Was your tractor imported as a used Far-Eastern unit? If not, perhaps

By Wally Plumley·#6447·

Re: Splitting a Yanmar YMG2000

Yay, clutch is off. It probably looks worse in there than it is. No way that is all rust. The build up looks almost like sand. maybe the tractor was swamped in muddy water. Whatever. That and my lack

By Peter·#6446·

Re: 3810D For sale

It smokes like crazy when it's running, I've been keeping an eye on the oil but I don't really run it because of this, I think I have it narrowed down to the middle cylinder.Yahoo Mail: Search,


Re: 3810D For sale

just curious, does the tractor smoke or use oil? Have you any clue about the bogging down?

By Winston Linda Maberry·#6444·

Re: 3810D For sale

I'm in Arizona, we've had the tractor for about three or so years now, so we'll out of the measly warranty they offered. I have tried to do some work in it myself, but I'm by no means a mechanic and


Re: 3810D For sale

Where is the tractor? I’m not in the market BTW. Charles

By Charles Brumbelow·#6442·

Re: 3810D For sale

PS: I forgot the obvious, why not try fixing it yourself?

By Peter·#6441·

Re: 3810D For sale

sorry to hear this. Sounds like a though situation. Don't know if this helpful, since it is my German perspective: In my perception, it is really hard to sell any used vehicles or equipment right now,

By Peter·#6440·

3810D For sale

Hey all, I bought this tractor from a company that "referbishes older tractors. It worked great for the first 100 or so hours and now it's bogging down real bad under any load. It's a 3 cylinder turbo


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