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Hello, it’s Antillar again. You might remember me from my previous Day 1 Survival Guides for Counter Side and Artery Gear.

I’m the founder of Prydwen that till recently was split between two separate sites (one for CS, one for AG), but recently we combined them into one platform that aims to provide guides, reviews, and tier lists for games we play ourselves. As for NIKKE, we received early access that allowed us to basically test the whole game thoroughly so we could provide accurate information on the release.

Check our website here:

Now let’s go back to NIKKE. The game releases in roughly 8h from the moment of posting this, but you can check the timer by going here:


The TL’DR version: NIKKE is basically a hybrid of AFK Arena (when it was still a good game), shooter, and jiggles. So many jiggles. But kidding aside, yes, NIKKE is an idle game, but when most idle games use the isometric approach to show battles, in NIKKE you shoot things to win. Think Time Crisis turned into a mobile game, but with jiggles. Did I mention jiggles again? Sorry.

The game also is fully voiced and you can choose between KR, JPN, or English audio.

We have an extensive FAQ available on our website, but here are the most important things that should interest you.

Is NIKKE a main or side type of game?

Definitely side, like most idle games. While the initial few days will give you plenty of things to do - especially considering the fact that the game has no stamina system - you will hit a wall sooner or later and the only way to push through it will be to wait for resources to pile up, so you can upgrade your characters.

Dailies should take around 10-15 at most.

How many servers there are?

Five. North America, Europe (dubbed Global), Southeast Asia, Korea, and Japan. All are available from the same client, so you can easily pick where you want to play.

What are the rates?

4% for SSR - the highest rarity - on the generic banner and 2% for SSR on Friendship banner.

Is there a pity system?

In the test realm, only the generic banner was available and it had no pity, but for each pull, you received a Mileage Ticket and after gathering 200 you could exchange them for one of the SSR characters available in the shop.

Furthermore, the game has a Wish System that unlocks after you do your first 40 pulls. The Wish System allows you to select 5 characters from 3 out of 4 factions (Pilgrims are excluded) that you want to receive and when you pull an SSR from that faction, it will 100% be one of the characters on your Wishlist.

How important are dupes?

Dupes increase the level cap of your characters. The initial level cap is 80 and each dupe increases it by 40 - up to 200. So for SSR characters you only need 3 dupes to reach the level cap (SR characters are capped at 160 and need 2 dupes to max).

Also, once you limit break a character 3 times, you can further awaken it (up to 7 more times - 1 dupe cost per level), but the Core up system doesn't increase the level cap anymore and only gives you additional stats (2% per core level - so 14% in total).

Be aware that the game has a Synchronizer system that takes your 5 highest leveled characters and sets the level of your other ones to the lowest level from the 5. So similar to how AFK Arena or other idle games do it. And what's important, if you place an SSR that you didn't receive any dupes for into the Synchronizer, she will still be leveled above her level cap. This way you can avoid the whole dupe issue initially with the help of some SR characters.

Is the game P2W?

Ah, the most important question. Sadly, we don’t know – cash shop wasn’t available in the test realm we had access to.

Still, Destiny Child, the other game made by Shift Up is by many considered as one of the most generous games when it comes to receiving free stuff from the developers.

Will there be PVP?

PVP was leaked by a KR content creator, but recently we received information that PVP won’t be available at launch. Still, it may be added later.

Let’s talk about how we can help those who want to try the game.

We prepared a tier list that is based on the few weeks of testing that we could do (and we are even testing things right now, to make sure we get everything right). All the characters have been rated and reviewed to show their good and bad sides – we tested them both at lower levels and at the endgame (maxed level, skills, gear all that jazz), to actually know how they will perform there.

Be aware the tier list shows more of the potential/strength of each unit, without taking synergies into account - we decided to pick this approach since in the first few weeks (or even months) you won’t be able to build the full synergy team you want. Here's the link

If you prefer watching a video version of the tier list and our process, you can check Tim’s video.

We also prepared a lot of guides that dig deep into the game and explain all the game modes and systems available and we are still working on adding even more guides!

One of the guides is the reroll guide which not only provides you with two different reroll methods but also gives some suggestions on who should you reroll for.

Another one is a meta team guide, showcasing a few teams we created to abuse the synergies between characters and tackle the endgame with them. There’s also a generic early game comp that makes use of the SR characters to fill in the blanks.

Also, the game will give out 2 SSR for free to everyone (one is okayish, one is top tier) and also up to 50 pulls from the newbie login calendar and event spread over the first week.

Okay, I think that’s enough rambling for me. If you have any questions, I will be checking this topic for the next few hours – be aware that I’m still under NDA and can’t reveal everything yet.

Links to download the game:

NIKKE Day 1 Survival Guide - r/gachagaming (2024)
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