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On U7BUY, you can find information on items and currency to buy for all kinds of games. Look at what we have for One Piece Bounty Rush accounts for sale! There are lots of characters to look at in One Piece Bounty Rush which can make it hard to choose between them all. That is why lots of players come together to decide which are the strongest and weakest!

The Basics

Before delving into the character One Piece Bounty Rush tier list, we must go over the details about the character classes and what they mean. The goal of the game is to fight over a total of five locations with potential treasure against another team. The team with the most gold or who has captured all the locations at once will win the match.

Now for the One Piece Bounty Rush classes, there are three in total. These are the OPBR Attackers, Runners, and Defenders. Attackers are pretty self-explanatory as they are great with PVP combat with the other team whenever there is a face-off for a location. The One Piece Bounty Rush Defenders are meant to protect a location that has already been captured by your team and the Runners are the ones that locate new treasure locations as fast as they can before the other team does.

Then there are the elements. Each element is signified through the color type of the One Piece Bounty Rush character. These elements give different buffs to your character which is important to note when deciding whether to use them. Most players have different preferences than others, so it is ultimately up to you and what team you would like to build in the end.

S Tier – The Best of the Best

Now that we’ve gone over all the basic information you need to judge your One Piece Bounty Rush characters, you can take a look at the tiers and decide for yourself. The characters in this tier are known to be the most popular and powerful One Piece Bounty Rush characters in the game by most players. However, they also tend to be rare.

CP9 JabraGreenAttacker
CP9 BluenoBlueRunner
Animal Kingdom Pirates / Lead Performer King Kaido’s Son YamatoRedRunner
Animal Kingdom Pirates / Lead Performer King Kaido’s Son YamatoRedRunner
Navy HQ / Fleet Admiral Akainu [Sakazuki]RedAttacker
Battle of Monsters on Onigashima Olin the OiranRedDefender
Slicing Winds of Rommel HakubaBlueRunner
Singer of the New Genesis UtaBlueDefender
Raid on Onigashima UsoppBlueRunner
Don Quixote Pirates / Captain Don Quixote DoflamingoBlueAttacker
The Strongest Creature Alive KaidoBlueDefender
Okuchi-no-Makami YamatoBlueAttacker
Man Who Dreams of Becoming the King of Pirates Monkey D. LuffyBlueAttacker
Battle of Monsters on Onigashima Kid & LawBlueAttacker

A Tier – The Strongest to Take You Far

While the One Piece Bounty Rush characters in the S tier are arguably the strongest OPBR characters in the game, they are also the rarest. These guys in A tier are pretty close to their power levels while still being pretty obtainable. Most players that you meet online will have these One Piece Bounty Rush characters eventually including yourself if you keep an eye out for them.

Don Quixote Pirates / Officer MonetRedDefender
Animal Kingdom Pirates / Lead Performer QueenRedDefender
The Billion-Fol World Trichiliocosm Roronoa ZoroRedAttacker
Film Strong World ShikiRedRunner
Flying Pirates / Captain Vander Decken IXBlueAttacker
Navy HQ / Master Chief Party Officer KobyBlueRunner
Hyogoro Family / Big Boss HyogoroBlueDefender
Fire Fist Portgaz D. AceBlueAttacker
CPO Rob LucciRedAttacker

B Tier – Pretty Close to A!

The One Piece Bounty Rush characters here on the B tier are still strong contenders for the A tier, but they have a few limitations that may hold them back. However, with enough time and upgrades or paired with the right team build they can really shine.

Whole Cake Island SanjiRedAttacker
Land of Wano Trafalgar LawRedDefender
Princess and Loyal Partner Vivi & KarooRedRunner
Savior God UsoppRedRunner
Land of Wano FranosukeBlueAttacker
The Paramount War Gecko MoriaBlueAttacker
Kozuki Clan / Servant Kin’emonRedDefender
Barto Club / Captain BartolomeoRedDefender
The Seven Warlords of the Sea Bartholomew KumaBlueDefender
Land of Wano BonekichiBlueDefender
Monster Point Tony Tony ChopperBlueAttacker

C Tier – The Average

These One Piece Bounty Rush characters are either considered average or below average. While these characters could help you out a bit as a new player, it is best to replace them as you get higher in the ranks in order to progress better. They are better though than some other One Piece Bounty Rush characters in the lower tier, so you might still be able to get something out of them.

Land of Wano X. DrakeRedAttacker
King of the Night Cat ViperRedRunner
Amaru EneruBlueDefender
Bikini NamiBlueRunner
Impel Down / Warden MgellanBlueDefender
Revolutionary Army / Chief of Staff SaboBlueDefender

D Tier – Best to Avoid or Replace When You Can

Now we come to the final tier. These One Piece Bounty Rush characters are some of the weakest there is to the game to most players, so it’s best to always avoid or replace them with stronger One Piece Bounty Rush characters when you can. However, just because a character is weaker doesn’t mean that they are entirely useless in the early game. Just don’t expect to get too much out of them as you progress further in the ranks against stronger OPBR players. Take a look at One Piece Bounty Rush now!

108 Pound Phoenix Roronoa ZoroRedRunner
Navy HQ / Admiral AkainuRedAttacker
Ghost Princess PeronaBlueDefender
2 Years Later / Sharp Shooter UsoppBlueRunner
Navy HQ / Admiral Aokiji [Kuzan]BlueDefender
30 Million Berry Bounty Monkey D. LuffyRedAttacker
One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List 2024 - U7BUY Blog (2024)
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