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Ok. We know. We know. Technically you don’t need a Dragon Ball Legends tier list to play the game. Many people play the game without a tier list. However, trust us, you’ll want to use one if you want to make any headway in this game that is notorious for being quite complex for newbie players. Or you can get a DBL account for sale to boost your gaming progress.

Let’s tell you why.

What is a Dragon Ball Legends Tier List?

Let’s start with the most basic question – just what is a tier list? You may have seen the term thrown around in all sorts of media, especially games, but what is it?

Think of a tier list of a ranking of the characters in the game. In theory, a tier list can cover everything about the game, including the best costumes, the best look, or whatever. We’re talking specifically about tier lists related to player power.

Our goal on this page is to tell you why tier lists will make your DBL life a lot easier. We’ve got a few reasons to give you, but we’re sure many of these will be obvious once you read them.

You’ll Learn the Best Characters in the Game

There are so many characters in Dragon Ball Legends that even the top players don’t know what to do with them. It makes the game fun, but knowing who is the most powerful at any one time takes way more research than it is worth. Even if you pay attention 24/7, stuff can get confusing.

A tier list will tell you which characters the community thinks are worth the time and energy to play within the game. They’ll let you know which ones are the most powerful in the current meta, which should make it a whole lot easier for you in a variety of ways (we’ll explain more about that soon).

Most tier lists, the reputable ones at least, will have been put together by highly experienced people in Dragon Ball Legends. These are the ones that are playing the game on a daily basis, often for hours on end, so you know their information is good.

You’ll Spend Less Time Upgrading Terrible Characters

Upgrading characters in Dragon Ball Legends costs a lot of time (or money). Obviously, you don’t want to be focusing too heavily on the ‘bad’ characters in the game. You only want to be upgrading those characters that are good. If not, you can set yourself back days, sometimes weeks, of progress in the game. It means that you might not even end up being effective at PvP.

By reading through the tier list for Dragon Ball Legends, you can get a solid feel for who people like in the game. Aim to upgrade these characters first, as they’ll end up being a lot more useful. Ignore the worthless characters in the game, at least for now. Unless the in-game meta changes, you probably won’t be needing them.

It Makes it Easier to Put Together Your Team

As a new player to Dragon Ball Legends, one of the hardest parts of the game is putting together a team of awesome characters. As we said, there are just so many of them to choose from. Reading a DBL tier list will make your life a whole lot easier.

Obviously, you can’t build a team from everybody listed in the S tier of a tier list, but if you build a team from the top few tiers, your in-game life becomes easier.

Of course, you don’t have to do that at all. Some people will just look up team guides online. However, we feel that if you want to become one of the best DBZ players around, you need to make your own teams.

You’ll Learn Which Meta the Game is Trending Toward

Tier lists will often give you a bit of information about the way the game meta is currently trending toward. So, if a lot of a certain color appears high in the tier list, then you know that the game is working well for those Dragon Ball Legends characters (although, it also means that you can come up with a few counters for these teams too).

Remember – the meta in DBZ changes on a regular basis, so it is always good to keep up to date with your tier lists.

It Makes it Easier to Buy a Dragon Ball Legends Account

Finally, if you get a DBL account for sale, a Dragon Ball Legends tier list will make sure that you get the maximum value for money. It ensures that any account that you do pick up will be loaded with the absolute best characters that you need. This means that you can dive into the game right away. Check out the accounts we have for sale here at u7buy.com.

Why You Need a Tier List to Play Dragon Ball Legends - U7BUY Blog (2024)
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