Did Batman ever love anyone? (2024)

Did Batman ever love anyone?

In the first years of the Bronze Age, Batman had only one romantic interest, Talia al Ghul, but they were often at odds and the relationship never became serious. It wasn't until the mid-70s that some writers started taking Batman's love life more seriously.

Does Batman ever love anyone?

For someone as busy as he is fighting crime in his city, Batman still found the time for pursuing romantic relationships. He has had romances with heroes and villains alike, proving that when it comes to love, even Batman doesn't discriminate.

Who is Batman greatest love?

Batman's original rivalry with Catwoman has evolved into a true love story between the Cat and the Bat. They're even a married couple now. Sort of. Here's a look back at how that relationship has grown over the years, and why Catwoman is the only woman who can truly fill that void in Bruce Wayne's soul.

Who is Batman true love?

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Victoria Vale is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the character debuted in Batman #49.

Has Batman ever fallen in love?

Batman: All of Bruce Wayne's Love Interests in the Live-Action Franchise, Ranked. Even Batman has fallen in love multiple times across his many live action movies. Batman has always been a man with a mission.

Who is Joker's girlfriend?

Following her introduction to the comics in 1999, Harley Quinn was depicted as the sidekick and lover of the Joker as well as the criminal associate and best friend of Poison Ivy.

Why doesn t Batman fall in love?

Over the years, writers eventually realized that Batman works best without a steady love interest — and amazingly, this is Bruce's choice: he refuses to fully trust anyone short of his butler Alfred. He is laser-focused on his one-man crusade against crime and sees romantic relationships as a weakness he cannot afford.

Who is most loyal to Batman?

A British special forces veteran turned butler, Alfred Pennyworth is the most loyal friend and confidant of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Alfred Pennyworth is more than just Bruce Wayne's butler, or Batman's confidant.

Who is Wonder Woman's true love?

Who is Superman's true love?

Did Joker love Batman?

The Clown Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight have been matching wits since the 1940s, and in that time they developed a bond unlike any other pair of fictional arch-enemies - with the Joker confessing his love for bats on multiple occasions.

Does Talia actually love Bruce?

Realizing and accepting this, Nyssa and Talia become the heads of The Demon, with Talia disavowing her love for Bruce Wayne as another result of her torture at Nyssa's hands (both sisters then consider Batman to be their enemy). Talia from then on became more often Batman's enemy than an ally.

Who is Batman's number one love interest?

Selina Kyle

The best love interest Batman has ever had? Easy: dark vengeance. If there was a number two, though, it would be Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. The semi-reformed villain is the only character who can keep up with both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Has Batman ever kissed Wonder Woman?

9 A Kiss In Brave And The Bold

It's weird and hard to explain beyond that, but it culminates in Wonder Woman and Batman sharing a real kiss.

Who is Batman's favorite Robin?

Tim would be a good candidate for the favorite but he gets outclassed by one robin that Batman favors. It's Dick Grayson.

Does Batman have a child?

What is Harley Quinn's mental illness?

Her character was primarily made for the male gaze but the complexity of her character and deeper understanding of abuse and mental illnesses led to more representation of Harley and studies soon showed that she was suffering from Histrionic personality disorder.

Who gets Joker pregnant?

Believe it or not, this tale saw the Clown Prince of Crime himself become pregnant and give birth to a child. The mother of the child? That was none other than DC's famous magical hero Zatanna, who cast a spell on the Joker after he tried to persuade her to start a family with him.

What is Joker's fear?

To Be Forgotten

While fans got to hear many memorable quotes from Joker in Batman: Arkham, the series also revealed what his greatest fear is supposed to be. As it turned out, The Joker feared being forgotten more than anything else because it meant nobody was afraid of him anymore, rendering all his crimes void.

Who does Batman not like?

Freeze, Penguin, or The Riddler. However, through his own actions, Batman has proved a surprise villain, KGBeast, is actually who he seems to hate most, as he bent his iconic no-kill rule and left him for dead on multiple occasions.

Did Batman have a child with Catwoman?

In the post-Flashpoint Earth 2 continuity, Helena Wayne was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman (Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle Wayne). She was also the only Robin to her father's Batman identity and a more ruthless character than previously seen.

Does Batman have a son?

Which villain respects Batman?

As for Batman, the Joker respects Batman so much he often seems to define himself by Batman. If Batman is more lighthearted, the Joker becomes more fun.

Who is Batman's favorite friend?

Batman's closest friends include Zatanna and Barry Allen, with whom he shares professional and personal bonds. Batman's friendship with Commissioner Gordon is built on trust and loyalty, with Gordon being the only person in the police force that Batman can trust.

Who is Batman's most feared enemy?

The Joker

He is Batman's arch-nemesis introduced in Batman #1 in 1940. Previously, Batman had been in Detectives Comics, but within a year he was allotted his own title. He's had as many reboots and redesigns as the Dark Knight himself, and his origin story has been retold to each generation in a different way.

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