What is the lowest paying job in healthcare? (2024)

What is the lowest paying job in healthcare?

As of May 2022, just under 817,000 Americans are currently working as physicians or surgeons, according to a report from USAFacts, and cardiologists have the highest annual wage while pediatricians have the lowest. Gaining an edge on the competition: The key to winning and retaining physician talent.

What is the lowest paying field in medicine?

As of May 2022, just under 817,000 Americans are currently working as physicians or surgeons, according to a report from USAFacts, and cardiologists have the highest annual wage while pediatricians have the lowest. Gaining an edge on the competition: The key to winning and retaining physician talent.

What are the 3 lowest paying jobs?

The lowest-paying jobs, which pay $15 or less an hour, include fast food workers, restaurant servers and bartenders, child care workers, preschool teachers, hotel clerks, personal care and home health aides, grocery store cashiers, among others. (Currently, minimum wage in 20 states remains at $7.25 per hour.)

What is the easiest job in healthcare?

Three of the easiest jobs to get are home health aide, patient service representative, and medical secretary. All require a high school diploma or equivalent at minimum. They provide excellent opportunities to get involved in healthcare.

What is the lowest position at a hospital?

Medical assistant.

Medical assistants are some of the lowest level roles in hospitals. Their job centers around many administrative duties. They may be tasked with reaching out to patients to schedule appointments or follow-up care. Medical assistants also have a role in bookkeeping and billing.

What is the lowest paying job?

Here are the 10 lowest-paying jobs in the United States and their average salaries as of 2021:
  • Shampooers: $25,160.
  • Fast food cooks: $25,490.
  • Hosts and hostesses (restaurant/lounge/coffee shop): $26,000.
  • Fast food and counter workers: $26,060.
  • Amusem*nt and recreation attendants: $26,110.
Jan 1, 2023

What is the highest paid unskilled job?

High-paying unskilled jobs
  • Sales Representative.
  • Administrative assistant.
  • Delivery driver.
  • Construction worker.
  • Tax preparer.
  • Property manager.
  • Flight attendant.
  • Claims adjuster.
Jan 17, 2023

What is lowest salary in us?

The federal minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees is $7.25 per hour.

What jobs are in the lowest demand?

Fastest declining occupations
2022 National Employment Matrix title2022 National Employment Matrix codeEmployment change, numeric, 2022–32
Word processors and typists43-9022-17.0
Watch and clock repairers49-9064-0.6
Roof bolters, mining47-5043-0.5
Cutters and trimmers, hand51-9031-2.3
28 more rows
Sep 6, 2023

What is the #1 best healthcare job?

The best jobs in healthcare
  • Nurse practitioner.
  • Physician assistant.
  • Physical therapist.
  • Dentist.
  • Veterinarian.
  • Physician.
  • Orthodontist.
  • Registered nurse.
Jan 12, 2023

What healthcare job is the happiest?

Happiest Jobs in the Medical Field
  1. Dermatologist. Out of all of the different physician subspecialties, dermatologists are known for having the overall happiest medical careers. ...
  2. Orthodontist. ...
  3. Dental Hygienist. ...
  4. Dentist. ...
  5. Nurse Anesthetist. ...
  6. Physician Assistant. ...
  7. Nurse Practitioner. ...
  8. Registered Nurse.

What is the most needed job in healthcare?

Here are some of the fastest-growing healthcare jobs and the educational background you need to get started in the field in 2022:
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP) Job outlook: 52% increase from 2020-2030 (BLS) ...
  • Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) ...
  • Medical and Health Service Managers. ...
  • Medical Assistants.

What is the quickest medical career to get into?

The shortest schooling for a medical career is a Diploma in Practical Nursing (DPN). In as little as 12 months, you can become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and be on your way toward becoming a registered nurse (RN). Runners-up for the shortest schooling for a medical career: Dental Assistant 16+ months.

What is the shortest medical field?

Medical Assisting

You can start your career as a medical assistant in as little as 10 months by earning your diploma in medical assisting, or earn your associate degree in as little as 16-20 months to pursue roles with greater responsibility.

What is the least stressful job in a hospital?

Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs in Healthcare
  • Optometrist.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician.
  • Dietitian.
  • Pharmacy Technician.
Jun 13, 2017

What is a good salary?

A good salary is one that enables you to comfortably support your desired lifestyle. Often, to determine the monetary value of a good salary, you need to consider a few additional factors, such as where you live, the number of people you're supporting, or your industry.

What fields make the most money?

Highest-Paying Occupations
General Internal Medicine Physicians$214,460363.10%
Dentists, All Other Specialists$212,740359.40%
Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers$211,790357.30%
Family Medicine Physicians$211,300356.30%
17 more rows

What job makes the most money per day?

Jobs that pay $1,000 a day
  • Software engineer. ...
  • Chief executive officer. ...
  • Network engineer. ...
  • Chief financial officer. ...
  • Project manager. National average salary: $590 per day. ...
  • Mortgage loan originator. National average salary: $729 per day. ...
  • OB-GYN. National average salary: $911 per day. ...
  • Surgeon. National average salary: $1,433 per day.
Aug 15, 2022

What is the hardest job in the world?

The 9 Hardest, Most Demanding & Difficult Jobs
  • Surgeons. ...
  • Military Personnel. ...
  • Firefighters. ...
  • Social Workers. ...
  • Astronauts. ...
  • Special Education Teachers. ...
  • Miners. ...
  • Oil Rig Workers. Oil rig workers operate in the middle of oceans, enduring isolation, grueling physical work, and hazardous conditions.
Jul 16, 2023

What is a low salary?

In 2023, the federal poverty level definition of low income for a single-person household is $14,580 annually. Each additional person in the household adds $5,140 to the total. For example, the poverty guideline is $30,000 per year for a family of four.

How can I make 60000 a year without a degree?

60k a year no degree jobs in california
  1. Security Sales Consultant. All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc. ...
  2. Account Manager. LightBox. ...
  3. Residential HVAC Installer. Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar. ...
  4. Financial Planning Assistant. ...
  5. Residential HVAC Installer. ...
  6. Strengthen your profile. ...
  7. Hospital Veterinarian. ...
  8. Guest Relations II.

What is the highest paying low effort job?

Here are more than a dozen jobs that make good money:
  1. Actuary. O*NET Stress Tolerance Rating: 70. ...
  2. Technical writer. O*NET Stress Tolerance Rating: 69. ...
  3. Software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers. ...
  4. Art director. ...
  5. Economist. ...
  6. Chemical engineer. ...
  7. Environmental restoration planners. ...
  8. Statistician.

What jobs is pay ridiculous amounts of money?

15 Odd Jobs That Pay Insanely Well
  • Underwater Demolition Driver.
  • Windtech. ...
  • Bulldozer Mechanic. ...
  • Earth Blaster. Median hourly wage: $25.50. ...
  • Undertaker. Median hourly wage: $23.53. ...
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tile Installer. Median hourly wage: $23.24. ...
  • Faller. Median hourly wage: $22.93. ...
  • Billboard Installer. Median hourly wage: $22.90. ...
Sep 26, 2023

Is 75k a low salary?

$75000 Salary. $69,500 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $72,500 is the 75th percentile.

What is a decent salary in us?

As of 2023, the average salary in the USA varies largely across industries, job positions, age groups, levels of experience, and educational backgrounds. However, the average salary nationwide in the US, according to Forbes, is $59,428. On the other hand, median household income in the US was $70,784 in 2021.

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